Interested in a Career at High Class Aero?

Don’t worry! The process is simple! We are always looking for diverse people to join our staff. We are a growing company and are always interested in bringing on key induviduals who we feel will help our success!

Steps are easy…

1. Verify Open Positions

Check below to see what positions we currently have open. If you do not see it below, feel free to send your resume anyways. We might be interested in bringing you on board regardless!

2. Send Your Resume

Send your resume to our Careers email which can be found by filling the form below!

3. Interview

Sit tight, if we are interested we will reach out to you and schedule an interview. We look forward to meeting with you!

Completely Confidential!

At High Class Aero we understand everyone runs into bad situations. That is why we make the promise that if you apply with High Class Aero, we will keep any and all applicants completely confidential. We make sure that all information shared is kept completely confidential. We will protect your privacy!